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On Demand Client Counseling and Advice

Olson Brooksby provides assistance and pre-litigation advice to our clients.  This allows you to to remain productive, avoid litigation, and properly defend cases in the unfortunate event that litigation occurs.  

We take a preventive approach by working closely with our clients to understand their brand and their business goals, and to and establish best practices that ensure compliance with evolving regulatory and other laws.  We provide extensive, on demand advice to our clients with the goal of reducing unnecessary litigation.  In the event that litigation occurs, the lawyers at Olson Brooksby are seasoned trial lawyers who know how to value a case and who have achieved full defense verdicts at trial (even in admitted liability cases!).  We assist our clients with the investigation and/or resolution of claims and cases, and we function as counselors for our clients, providing them with responsive, on call service. 

Our client philosophy is to seek to prevent litigation, while positioning our clients favorably and strategically should litigation occur. 

Examples of some of our pre-litigation services include: 

  • Background counsel in small claims cases.  In most cases in Oregon small claims court, parties are not allowed to have lawyers involved.  We coach our clients through all stages of small claims litigation.  When appearance of counsel is critical, we vigorously pursue the needed court permission to appear. 
  • Assistance with insurance.  We provide clients advice concerning insurance contracts and limits.  
  • Training, drafting of policies and handbooks, and education.  We provide clients with training for management and employees concerning best practices for litigation avoidance.  We also draft policies and procedures for handbooks and training materials.  Our assistance and advice is valuable because it is informed by our prior litigation and trial experience.  We know what works and what doesn't.  
  • Assistance with settling claims and potential lawsuits before they are filed.  The clients who get us involved early want a proper valuation of a potential claim or a threatened lawsuit, and they count on Olson Brooksby to work to try to settle the claim or the case before the lawsuit is ever filed.  
  • Background counsel in arbitrations.  Sometimes a client is best positioned in arbitration, particularly in cases with an opposing party who appears vulnerable, by going pro se or by being represented by just one lawyer, such as a general counsel.  We guide clients through this process, provide strategic advice, and assist with rule interpretation. The lawyers at Olson Brooksby have done hundreds of arbitrations, and our shareholder Kristin Olson serves as an arbitrator in personal injury cases.  We have the necessary experience with local arbitration procedures to provide a high amount of value to our clients with a relatively low cost by serving as background counsel. 
  • Guidance concerning whether to pursue litigation.  Sometimes it's difficult to decide whether to pursue a lawsuit, whether the lawsuit is for brand protection or subrogation purposes.  Our lawyers provide free initial consultations.  After the initial consultation, we can thoroughly map out your potential claims, their relative statutes of limitation, the types of damages you may be able to collect, and provide advice concerning the costs and benefits of the lawsuit.  
  • Pre-litigation advice and case investigation.  For clients who fear that they may be sued, or who are worried about potential claims, Olson Brooksby provides investigation services, and advice for positioning and strategic planning.  We have experience preparing our clients for litigation in such a way that we have deterred and outright prevented lawsuits through our pre-litigation assistance and investigative services.  
  • Corporate and best practices audits.   We have experience auditing sections of our clients businesses, particularly our product manufacturing clients, to put them in the best possible position to avoid litigation.  We review our clients' business practices and safety policies and provide recommendations that are based on state and federal laws.  Our extensive trial and litigation experience enables us to give our clients uniquely valuable advice.  We've seen it all, and we're here to help our clients employ loss prevention strategies so that we can provide relatively low-cost advice at a high value before litigation strikes.  As any business owner knows, litigation is far more expensive than investing in preventative measures.  


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