Scott Brooksby recognized as Business Edition “Super Lawyer” for Product Liability


Scott Brooksby has been recognized as Business Edition “Super Lawyer” in the 2013 Business Edition of Super Lawyers for product liability defense. Scott has been recognized as one of the top attorneys in product liability defense commercial practice, selected from attorneys across the nation and in London.

Scott Brooksby is experienced in defending companies of all sizes against product liability claims–from small franchisees to Fortune 500 companies.  Scott is aware of the needs of different-sized companies facing issues like product recalls and compliance issues.

Scott has handled product liability cases in both state and federal courts.  He is intimately familiar with the various applicable state and federal regulations that apply in product liability cases, and he serves as on-demand counselors for his clients as issues come up. He also assists his product liability clients with insurance issues, employment and temporary worker concerns, and contract analysis.

Scott has extensive experience with product liability law through decades of representing national and international manufacturers, sellers, distributors, and suppliers.  He is a trial lawyer who provides sound recommendations to his clients regarding when to settle and when to try product liability cases, and how to minimize risk and avoid future claims.

Scott works efficiently with a wide variety of the nation’s most recognized product liability experts regarding complicated factual and medical issues.  He is familiar with federal and state product liability law and regulations, and he works with his clients to determine the best defense strategy when faced with a product liability lawsuit or potential lawsuit.

Three types of product defects are recognized in Oregon: design defects, manufacturing defects, and failure to warn.  Scott has defended companies against all three types of product defect claims and have successfully challenged product liability cases pleaded under both negligence and strict liability theories.