Animal Law

Olson Brooksby has experience with litigation and consultation concerning animal law for a wide range of clients, from individual pet owners to large corporations. 

We have experience:

  • Representing injured people seeking compensation for personal injuries caused by animals.  
  • Representing airlines navigating Air Carrier Access Act animal law issues. 
  • Representing animal owners who are seeking civil recourse for harm caused to their animals, including civil prosecution of criminal acts against animals.  

We handle: 

  • City and county animal code violation hearings.
  • Emotional distress from the loss of a companion animal.  
  • Fish and wildlife regulations. 
  • Jury trials recouping financial and emotional loss. 
  • Killings caused carelessly, recklessly, or intentionally by others.  
  • Leash laws.
  • Injuries to pets. 
  • Nuisance complaints. 
  • Offenses against pets. 
  • Product liability issues, e.g., poison dog food. 
  • Trespass issues. 
  • Civil claims for theft of animals. 
  • Tort claims.
  • Wrongful death.