Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Because we are trial lawyers who litigate and try cases based on breach of contract claims, we have experienced the end results of various types of contractual language--good and bad--and we use that experience to assist our clients in drafting contracts and negotiating terms.

Olson Brooksby has drafted contracts for its clients in various industries, and has negotiated contracts for everything from business purchase and sale agreements to insurance. Clients rely on us to assist them with sound decision-making and business strategies, including contract interpretation and analysis. As litigators, we've seen what happens when contracts go wrong. Our clients also rely on us to help them minimize risk through contract drafting for the purpose of avoiding future litigation. No one can prevent all litigation, but we can position our clients effectively so that they are prepared with sound arguments and legal authority to support their contract provisions.

There are times that your rights and interests hinge on the wording of a contract. Our clients rely on us to protect their individual and business contractual interests. We employ our risk identification and mitigation skills to assisting our clients with drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and litigating contracts throughout various industries.

Our experience includes contracts related to:

  • Insurance
  • Noncompetes and restrictive covenants
  • Franchise agreements
  • Vendor contracts
  • Employment and professional contracts
  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements
  • Leases, including airplane lease agreements
  • Business purchase and sale agreements